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WOMAN AND NATURE: The Roaring Inside her

“Perhaps the most extraordinary nonfiction work to have emerged from the matrix of contemporary female consciousness—a fusion of patriarchal science, ecology, female history and feminism, written by a poet who has created a new form for her vision.”

“The prose is stunning: this is a book to be read aloud with friends.” —CAROL P. CHRIST, author of Rebirth of the Goddess

“Original, highly imaginative, very moving in its mysteries.” —SUSAN BROWNMILLER, author of Against Our Will

PORNOGRAPHY AND SILENCE: Culture’s Revenge Against Nature

“Susan Griffin boldly allies her feminism with the cultural revolutionary tradition of William Blake, Emma Goldman, Wilhelm Reich. Her book tackles questions of critical importance. . . . ‘Pornography and Silence’ is a serious effort to apply feminist insights to sexual psychology.” The New York Times Book Review

“With subtlety and control, Pornography and Silence convincingly dissects the dehumanizing character of pornography.” —The Washington Post Book World

“Devastating reading . . . A deeply disturbing book, questioning as it does the hospitality of the soul, the meaning of humanity.” —New Internationalist

THE EROS OF EVERYDAY LIFE: Essays on Ecology, Gender and Society

    “Griffin explores [our connection with nature] with an uncommon thoroughness and penetrating power.” —The Examiner

    “Nobody writes more lyrically about ecology or more wisely about gender than Susan Griffin. And nobody knows better how the two should be seen as one. This nourishing book is an example of her work at its best.” —Theodore Roszak, author of The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein

    “A scintillating and enthralling feminist thinker . . . Magnificent . . . These are lustrous and mind-stretching essays, made personal with swatches of autobiography and made beautiful with a passion for life and the power of mind.” —Booklist

A CHORUS OF STONES: The Private Life of War

“Powerful and profoundly insightful . . . An act of creative imagination unlike anything I have ever read.” —TheNew York Times Book Review

“Ambitious, intricate and lyrical . . . Utterly poignant and enthralling . . . Enormously affecting.” —Los Angeles Times

“Part autobiographical memoir, part social history, Griffin’s book ties scores of individuals to the wars they lived through or died in. . . . Analyzed at length, in her distinctive and poetic prose, her argument has real power.” —Newsday

RAPE: The Politics of Consciousness

Griffin’s landmark essay on rape, first published in 1972, is available now as an ebook.

“A scintillating and enthralling feminist thinker.” —Booklist

“Susan Griffin has written a movingly beautiful book. . . . Decisively connecting feminist consciousness and religious experience, [she] gives us all the hope that we may live someday in a world without rape.” —Unitarian Universalist World

“Susan Griffin is one of a growing number of contemporary women artists who, not content simply to represent what has gone unmentioned, see their work as a force for change.” —Adrienne Rich