PRAISE for Writings of Susan Griffin

Unique. . . fresh and probing. . .strikes at the very heart of America’s cruel paradoxes.
With a light yet devastating touch, Griffin charts our continued “wrestling” with democratic ideals —her incisive search for the soul of democracy stirs up pride, despair, and hope.”

Susan Griffin has removed the rhetorical clichés from democracy and revealed a breathing, sentient angel of wisdom now held captive by tyranny, money, and our misplaced faith in authority. This is nothing less than cultural poetry steeped in history and heart.”
— PAUL HAWKEN, Author of Blessed Unrest

Susan Griffin’s superb prose reveals democracy not as a distant abstraction but as a live, inspiring, and difficult presence shaping us every day, an angel all Americans wrestle with.”
Author of Whose Freedom? The Battle Over America’s Most Important Idea and Moral Politics

A bomb may kill hundreds of people, but a book can change millions — think of common sense, Das Kapital, Uncle Tom’s Cabin or the Gulag Archipelago. To that energizing company add Transforming Terror. — PETER COYOTE, Actor, Author of Sleeping Where I Fall.

A catalyst to radial transformation.” —DEIDRE ENGLISH
Director,Felker Magazine center, UC School of Journalism, former editor of Mother Jones

In the twenty-fifth century, when historians reflect back on this trauma for the entire Earth Community, Susan Griffin will celebrated as a light that led us forward.  She has a stature comparable to that of Hannah Arendt, of Lewis Mumford, of Matilda Joslyn Gage and I am certain that people will be pouring over her books for centuries.” — BRIAN SWIMME  author of The Universe Story