Susan Griffin once again takes readers on a startling journey, showing the profound connections between religion and philosophy, science and nature, Western thought and the role of women, and the supremacy of abstract thought over the forces of life. Featuring the brilliant original title essay that is nothing less than an intellectual and emotional exploration of the nature of Western society itself, as well as Susan Griffin’s best previously published essays of the past decade, The Eros of Everyday Life combines the beautiful lyricism and sensibility of a poet with the intellectual rigor of one of the finest and most original minds writing today.

“Nobody writes more lyrically about ecology or more wisely about gender than Susan Griffin.
And nobody knows better how the two must be seen as one.
This nourishing book is an example of her work at its best.”
– Theodore Roszak, author of The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein

“Griffin’s essays yearn in a wonderful direction.” – Hungry Mind Review
The Book of the Courtesans, A Catalogue of Their Virtues gives us a radically new interpretation of an erotic tradition which was practiced from antiquity to the early twentieth century throughout Europe and eventually America. Though Turkish harems, Japanese geisha and Chinese courtesans are well known in the West, Europe’s courtesans have been ignored. Elegantly written in a witty style that mirrors the subject, this book adds a new dimension to our shared understanding not only of sexuality and women’s history but of the evolution of Western art and literature, the effects of beauty, the meaning of seduction and the mysteries of the erotic energy at the heart of both charm and power.
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