Private Writing Consultations

Susan teaches privately, helping writers at all levels– from beginning writers to those with published work, giving guidance through the process of conception, writing and seeking an agent or publisher, editing and teaching various aspects of the craft of poetry and prose. She honors the intent of the writer, helping to clarify and realize each student’s ideas, process, and work.

Workshop in Creative Writing
All genres and levels welcome. We spend a significant part of our time together time writing. To enroll or ask questions call me at 510-528 9296, send a Facebook message, or contact me through this website.

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Masterful Teacher
“Susan is a masterful teacher. In her writing, teaching and thinking, she pairs precision…with creativity, artistry and imagination.” – Drew Dellinger, author of Love Poems

“To say she is a dynamic teacher is understating the situation. She is a one of a kind teacher.” – Mary Watkins, Co-Chair, Community Psychology/Liberation Psychology/Ecopsychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, co-author Toward Psychologies of Liberation

Ignited My Mind
“It was as if her teaching ignited a part of my mind that I have been trying to access for years, one that was willing to take risks, think out of the box of linguistic cliche, and at the same time, write closer to the bone.”
Kim Rosen, author, Saved by a Poem

“Susan is a wonderful teacher with a wealth of knowledge about poetry and writing in general. She is an incisive, thoughtful and sensitive editor, and she has a luminous spirit and presence that I find nourishing and inspiring.”
Rebecca Foust, author of All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song

Susan Griffin will teach a writing workshop in Berkeley
April 16, 2015 from 11am to 4:30pm.
Watch this space for more details.